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Do you know what pediatrics is and how it involves the oral health care of your child? Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on the oral health care of infants and young children. Before a child comes of age, they will need additional assistance with their oral health, as they will not be able to properly care for their own teeth and gums. Beyond your daily cleanings for your child, bring your child in to visit with our pediatric dentist for additional help.

Caring for your child’s smile includes being aware of the risk factors associated with baby bottle tooth decay. Furthermore, pediatric dentists can help assist with teething and thumb sucking. Due to several risks involved with a child’s early oral health, you will need to bring them in to visit our dentist regularly to ensure their oral health is progressing as needed.

For additional help with your child’s smile, always be sure to brush their teeth on a daily basis. Around the age of 6 months, your child’s first tooth will erupt above their gum line. At this time, it will need to be adequately treated and cared for. Be sure to brush your child’s teeth every single day. You will need to continue brushing your child’s teeth until they come of age, which typically happens around the age of six. At this time, it is important to instruct them how to properly brush and floss their teeth.

Jacob S. Miller, DDS remains committed to your child’s oral health with pediatric dentistry. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacob Miller at our office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by calling 616-364-7039.