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It is important to make sure you’re taking care of your teeth this Halloween season. You can begin by practicing optimum oral health habits including brushing twice daily and flossing once every day as well. In addition, exercise caution with the sweets and treats that you consume. Here is a list of candies you should avoid:

Sour Candy: Sour candy has been shown to have extremely acidic pH levels, which can greatly increase your risk for cavities and enamel loss.

Hard Candy: Exercise caution when biting into any pieces of hard candy that can easily chip or crack your teeth. This includes candy apples and lollipops.

Popcorn Balls and Popcorn Kernels: Exercise caution when biting into any form of popcorn, as it can easily chip and crack your teeth. Furthermore, always floss after eating popcorn.

Chewy Candy: Chewy candy can be dangerous for your teeth because it can easily stick to your teeth and gums and increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs. Chewy treats to watch out for include taffy, caramels, and gummies.

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