Sources of Fluoride for Your Oral Health

The development of tooth sensitivity in your smile can cause you to experience sharp and severe discomfort when your teeth come in contact with products that are hot, cold, sweet or acidic. The most common cause of tooth sensitivity is weakened tooth enamel, which can result from acidic beverages and... Read more »

Proper Treatment for Chronic Bad Breath

If you struggle with persistent bad breath, it may be the direct result of poor lifestyle or diet habits. Problems with bad breath can often be remedied with effective oral care habits, including daily brushing and flossing and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash. However, some patients struggle with chronic bad breath,... Read more »

How to Fight Plaque

Plaque is a white, sticky film that clings to the teeth and threatens to harm them regularly. In fact, plaque tends to promote cavities and gum disease. So, as you may have already guessed, it’s best to keep plaque at bay. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Jacob... Read more »

Work Habits That Can Keep Your Smile in Tip-Top Shape

If you’re interested in maintaining a top-notch smile at work, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Jacob Miller, is happy to discuss the ways you can care for your teeth and gums while you work on projects and assignments in your office or cubicle.... Read more »

The Benefits of Water Flossers

Have you ever heard of a water flosser? If so, our dentist, Dr. Jacob Miller, encourages you to consider using one. This is because water flossers can benefit you and your smile in many ways. Water flossers are hand-held wands that are connected to a water tank. When the tool... Read more »

Year-End Smile Upgrades: TMJs

In order to ensure your smile has the greatest chance of success, always make sure no pain is present in any areas of your mouth. This includes your jaw. If your temporomandibular joints, also called your TMJ's, are experiencing any pain, it may be linked to an underlying condition known... Read more »

Using Dentures

Were you aware that the average age of dentures is 16 years old? And have you heard that if you care for your false teeth, it's possible that they could last even longer than that. We hope that the following info on treating dentures can be beneficial for you and/or... Read more »

What Could Be Causing Your Teeth to Look Worn?

While your smile is designed to be very tough and even last a lifetime with proper care, many lifestyle factors can result in weakened and worn-down teeth. Our dentist and team want you to be informed of three causes of tooth wear that you should avoid or treat if needed.... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Safe This Halloween

It is important to make sure you're taking care of your teeth this Halloween season. You can begin by practicing optimum oral health habits including brushing twice daily and flossing once every day as well. In addition, exercise caution with the sweets and treats that you consume. Here is a... Read more »

How Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

With all of the different foods and materials out there that can discolor teeth, you might find that your teeth aren’t as shiny as they once were. Awesome news: wanting a shinier smile is more common than you might believe, and there are a few options you can pursue if... Read more »