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The development of tooth sensitivity in your smile can cause you to experience sharp and severe discomfort when your teeth come in contact with products that are hot, cold, sweet or acidic. The most common cause of tooth sensitivity is weakened tooth enamel, which can result from acidic beverages and poor oral hygiene practices. Our dental team is eager to help you treat persistent tooth sensitivity, potentially by increasing your fluoride exposure.

The first step in treating tooth sensitivity is to practice effective daily oral hygiene consistently to prevent your smile from becoming an acidic environment that affects the mineral density of the tooth enamel so that microscopic channels develop in the tooth surface and expose the sensitive dentin underneath. This can heighten tooth sensitivity and put you at risk of developing tooth decay and infection in the teeth.

You may find that increasing your fluoride exposure improves the strength of your teeth so that they are no longer affected by oral acids and other dental issues. Our dentist can provide an in-office fluoride application. The purpose of fluoride is to enhance the mineral density of the teeth, improving the quality of the layer of tooth enamel.

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