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The overall function of your mouth depends greatly on the premolars and molars in the back of your mouth. Preventing cavities on these teeth is very important for maintaining good oral health in the long term. One of the most effective ways to protect these teeth is by having dental sealants applied.

It’s worth mentioning people have on the biting surfaces of their molars and premolars many deep pits, fissures, and textures. While these areas make the teeth more efficient at chewing and grinding, it can also place them at increased risk of suffering cavities in the deep contours.

Your back teeth are at increased risk of experiencing large cavities when this occurs. This might require your dentist to repair the teeth with large inlay or onlay dental fillings. This can be prevented by applying dental sealants to the biting surfaces of your back teeth. Your routine dental checkup can include this simple procedure to make sure the tooth enamel is completely free of any bacteria and plaque buildup.

Dr. Jacob Miller will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the dental sealants and secure them onto the biting surface after they’ve been applied. This prevents bacteria from directly affecting any of the underlying tooth enamel and reaching towards the root and pulp.

Give Jacob S. Miller, DDS here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a call if you are concerned about preserving the health of your molars. Schedule a checkup and an appointment for dental sealants today!