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While your smile is designed to be very tough and even last a lifetime with proper care, many lifestyle factors can result in weakened and worn-down teeth. Our dentist and team want you to be informed of three causes of tooth wear that you should avoid or treat if needed.

One of the main causes of worn teeth is a habit of tooth grinding or clenching, which can crack the tooth enamel and result in tooth decay. Additional signs of tooth grinding include jaw damage, facial pain, and frequent headaches. Treatments for tooth grinding include reducing stress and visiting the dentist for a mouth guard or splint.

Acid can also erode tooth enamel and weaken the teeth. You could lose tooth enamel as a result of frequently drinking fruit juice, soda, or alcohol, though pregnant women or individuals with acid reflux can also experience high levels of acid on their teeth. If one of these conditions are the case for you, speak with our dentist about how you can protect your smile.

Finally, you can create tooth wear by being too abrasive with your toothbrushing. Instead of scrubbing at your tooth enamel, use gentle, circular motions with the help of a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush.

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